Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quick SEO Tips

Creating a website or blog is more convenient now-a-days. Any one can create website or blog easily. Many web hosting companies are providing free web hosting services. So we can use their services if we want to create our own website & host it without paying money. Basic knowledge of web designing is required to make website.

But having our website or blog is not enough if you want to make money from website or blog. We can generate money from or website or blog only when our website or blog have huge visitors. If our website or blog have huge number of visitors they will buy our product or services and then only owner will make money.

In this post we will see how to attract more visitors to our website or blog.

When our website or blog is ready, we need to identify the keywords which will be appropriate to our website or blog. We should target the keywords which have good volume. We can use keyword tool of google for choosing the best keywords for our website. More over, we should target only one or two keywords first.

After finalizing keywords next step is to optimize the landing page with the targeted keywords. This is the most important step.

Below are the criteria to check for on site optimization.

On our landing page first we have to check meta tags. Meta tags should contain out targeted keywords. Our targeted keywords should be in meta title, meta description & meta keywords.
Next we have to check head tags of the page. Our targeted keywords should be in head tags such as h1, h2, h3, h4.

We should also check image optimization if our page contains any images. If images are there on the page keyword should be in alt attribute of the images.

We should check keyword density of the page. The page should have good keyword density. In text we should make some keywords strong.

Some keyword should be anchor text on the page.

If we have created our page with mentioned tips above our page is now on site optimized. Now we can start off site work to build back links to our landing page.